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We are the leading importer, exporter and wholesaler of high-end crystal and glass ware from Europe 

At Concept Gifts, you will find a range of well-designed, functional and competitively-priced crystal ware. Imported directly from the factories in Europe, you are assured of the best quality of product, whether for your home or as a gift.

The leading brands that we represent include Bohemia Crystal and Rona Glassware, and our product range is extensive, from vases and bowls to wine glasses and whiskey tumblers; from hand cut crystal pieces to coloured pieces – perfect for any occasion. 

Besides being represented in several major departmental stores in Singapore, 


Concept Gifts’ valued clientele include:

  • DBS Private Bank
  • Keppel Club

  • Laguna National Golf & Country Club

  • My Golf Kaki

  • Orchid Country Club

  • Seletar Country Club

  • Sembawang Country Club

  • Warren Golf & Country Club

  • Zi Jing Ge Moral Uplifting Society


Czech Bohemia crystal has a lively sparkle and brilliance in every crystal piece. The technique used by the Czech crystal-makers makes the crystals easier to cut – thus allowing for more options to decorate the piece, such as cutting the crystal. These cuts further enhance the sparkling effect of the crystals, as the cuts reflect the light throughout the piece.

Bohemia crystal can be distinguished from ordinary glass by relying on its unique characteristic of ringing when tapped.


16th century:       Czech Bohemia crystal started gaining recognition worldwide for its quality compared to glass elsewhere, and because Bohemia crystal could be cut with a wheel, allowing for more beautiful designs.

18th century:       Bohemia crystal was a well-established expression famous far beyond the region known for its distinctiveness and originality. The craftsmen easily adapted to changes in market demand, learning to cut, design, colour and shape the glass. Through time, they mastered glass technology like no one else on earth. Bohemia crystal became famous for its excellent cut and engraving.

To this day, Czech crystal symbolizes style and grace, and has been able to maintain its unique appearance that no other company can offer. It has earned a sovereign status as of the major trend setters in the crystal market. Bohemia honours the obligation to continue the tradition of craft, creation, and manufacture which spans centuries.


How Bohemia crystal products are formed:

Bohemia crystals are formed in moulds at the temperature of 800 °C, either through mouth-blowing or pressing. Just after taking it out of the mould, its sharp edges are smoothened by flame. After a very short time, it is carried to a conveyor belt and it is annealed (cooled) gradually. The annealing time depends on glass thickness and product size; thicker ones are annealed for longer time. This is a very important process to avoid spontaneous cracking of glass.

The crystals are further refined through the use of cracking-off machines, either with a sharp flame of gas burner or by manual notching with grinding wheels or diamonds. Afterwards, sharp and uneven rims are levelled by grinding or by flame burning. Lastly, to allow the crystal to sparkle, the surfaces of the products are chemically polished.

How Bohemia crystal is cut:

Typical characteristics of lead crystal – its pureness and high index of light refraction – become most apparent when the product is adorned by cutting. Only then a beautiful play of lights and shades on edges, cuts, or facets of the cut decoration can be admired.

Lead crystal is probably the most beautiful type of glass of all. To show off its unique properties as much as possible, Bohemia crystal employs the original way of decorating, i.e. manual cutting. In this way, it follows centuries old skills of Bohemian masters of the art of glassmaking.

For glass cutting, diamond or corundum disc is used. Each cut has to be made individually by hand, whereby the craftsman cuts the design using a quickly rotating disc. The work of a cutter needs both artistic feeling and handiness, yet it can also be extremely tough work - some pieces weigh up to 20 kilograms!


RONA founded in 1892 by Viennese “Schreiber & Neffen” and named for the village where it resides, up to this day.

Throughout its 123 years of history, RONA has strived to be at the forefront of technological development in the glass industry. In 1956, it was the first glass factory in the world to produce hand-made glasses with pulled-stem technology.

RONA glassworks is among the world´s major manufacturers of high quality drinking glasses. The company’s years of glass production, its strong export tradition, highly qualified staff and cutting edge technology are reflected in the fascinating and wide range of products available. Great emphasis is placed on quality, design and customer service.

RONA has been recognized for progressive and specific product design – having gained awards for its innovation in design several times in the last 15 years.


Certification of Conformity - Bohemia Crystal